Update : Gosford Waterfront redevelopment

After two long years, the Gosford Council voted 9 to 1 in favour of a redevelopment project for the Gosford Waterfront. Even the State Government came to the party by indicating it would grant a Crown land lease for the project.

Marina Cove - The Broadwater will be a $1.6M development offering a range of licensed eateries, cafes, up to ten different cuisines, a wine bar and weekend outdoor entertainment. And there’s more - the precinct will be home to bike hire, a children’s playground and watercraft hire.

Artist impression - Marina Cove -The Broadwater

Up and open by March 2016, Marina Cove - The Broadwater will be open for business from 6am - 12pm every day of the week as well as public holidays. That’s a new go-to eating destination for breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, supper... you can tell we’re excited to check it out. And with 10 different cuisines, we could be there a while.

One of the reason the development appears quite inexpensive and due to be completed relatively quickly rests with the design. As you can see from the artist’s impressions above and below, the precinct is made up of five single-storey prefabricated buildings which will each house two eateries. While providing a great venue for entertainment and family fun it will also offer an alternative to the nearby club and pub for a meal or drinks before, after or if you miss out on tickets to games at the Central Coast Stadium. As local Councillor Bob Ward summed it up, “It will be ideal for a before and after-game snack and it will become a magnet for tourists”. Perhaps not if the locals get in first though.

Artist impression of Marina Cove -The Broadwater

This development is what this space beside the Brian McGowan Bridge has been screaming out for. A lift, a revitalisation, a new lease on life.

Cr Gabby Bowles describes the current state of the waterfront as so depressing that even the grass was struggling, but now, “People are saying do it, build it already. This is an exciting opportunity. This development is sympathetic, complementary and inviting. People want this and it’s time to stop sitting on our hands”.

Agreed, time to get it done and it doesn’t appear that we’re the only ones:

‘I think it will be the turning point for Gosford to finally arrive into the 21st century. West Gosford is modernising and is becoming a great modern retail hub. Time to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!’ - Richard Brown-Beresford via Facebook

‘At least it’s not the usual bland, multi storey concrete monstrosity that developers are so enamoured with.’ - Nathan Olsen via Facebook

‘I’m so excited for this to happen! Bring it on!’ - Melinda Mowday via Facebook

‘This is the absolute best thing to happen to Gosford in 20x years! Well done to all concerned.’ - Tony Wilkinson via Facebook

24/7 Pies

While we wait for next March and the opening of Marina Cove - The Broadwater, the Gosford Waterfront is soon due to welcome Eat Street Diner. Originally slated to open in time for last summer, the 24 hour pie shop was hit with power supply issues. Now, almost a year after being given the green light by the local council, this pre-fab eatery is due to start serving in early October.

Sooner the better, all this talk of new Central Coast food destinations is making us hungry.

Eat Street Diner - Gosford Waterfront

Other Central Coast developments

It’s not just food destinations that are taking off on the Central Coast; we have a hive of activity across a range of different developments, redevelopments and upgrades. Here’s an overview of what’s currently planned:

  • The former Terrigal Country Comfort location is earmarked for 65 new luxury residential units which should be ready to move into by April 2016
  • $365 million upgrade to the Gosford Hospital ($200 million upgrade to Wyong Hospital is still listed as a priority)
  • $100 million funding promise to upgrade the Pacific Highway between Ourimbah and Lisarow (with hopefully more funding and more road upgrades to follow)
  • $141 million investment in town centre renewals, arts, cultural and sporting facilities
  • A share of a NSW-wide $3 million towards Central Coast schools and hospitals upgrade fund
  • Rezoning of 180ha of land at North Wyong which could represent 2600 new homes
  • $9.6 million eight-storey residential development
  • Four building developments in Gosford totally $21 million and 120 new residential units

The Central Coast was on track to be facing a residential housing shortage within five short years; we needed 2240 new homes to be built each year to maintain supply but from 2006-2011 less than 800 were built annually. These upgrades and developments are fantastic news for the region. The government upgrades will unlock even more private investment which will renew the Gosford CBD and, in turn, give a boost to the towns of Woy Woy, Terrigal, The Entrance, Wyong and Toukley.

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