Government Architect to assist with Gosford CBD Revitalisation

Media release from Anthony Roberts MP

The much-anticipated revitalisation of Gosford's CBD and waterfront will be guided by the expertise of the NSW Government Architect in order to deliver improved infrastructure and fast-track housing supply as part of the Central Coast Regional Plan.

Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, and Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Scot MacDonald, today confirmed that the Government Architect’s office had been commissioned to develop an implementation framework for the Gosford CBD revitalisation.

"The work of the Government Architect, with the support of Central Coast Coordinator General Lee Shearer, will be a major milestone in the renewal and redevelopment of the Gosford CBD and waterfront," Mr Roberts said.

Gosford redevelopment Marina Cove Artist Impression

Gosford redevelopment Marina Cove Artist Impression

“The NSW Government has already demonstrated its commitment to the area through investment in the Gosford Hospital re-development and the new office building under construction in Mann Street.

"This work aims to implement existing plans to create a dynamic, vibrant and lively Gosford centre that links seamlessly to a revamped waterfront that will be a wonderful place for both locals and visitors to enjoy.”

The Government Architect will appoint a multi-disciplinary design team in September.

Gosford waterfront redevelopment - artist impression

Gosford waterfront redevelopment - artist impression

After a period of consultation and workshops with key stakeholders the team will present a final report detailing the work needed to deliver a revived Gosford city centre to Ms Shearer in the new year.

Ms Shearer was recently appointed to drive the implementation of the Central Coast Regional Plan and ensure the revitalisation and growth of the area by Mr Roberts.

"The Central Coast is a beautiful area with enormous potential and our commitment is to transform Gosford into the dynamic hub the region deserves," Mr Roberts said.

Mr MacDonald added: "It is fantastic to finally see progress on implementing a cohesive plan to re-develop Gosford's city centre.”

"We now have a collaborative and coordinated framework to deliver major projects such as this. All the ground work has been laid and it is now time for action."

Original media release published by Anthony Roberts MP