Home design trends you’ll regret later

If you love property, flicking through the latest home design magazines to draw inspiration from interior designers can be a great way to improve the look of your home. The overall look is often impressive, but how do you replicate the style you love in your own home, without it going out of fashion before the next edition is released?

The trick is to know what is a passing trend and what style elements remain timeless. Becoming ‘dated’ is easily done, so here’s our list of design trends that you might regret sooner rather than later.  

Matt black kitchen cupboards

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Totally on trend at the moment, but you may regret utilising a matt surface in a kitchen once you start cooking up a storm. Matt surfaces are more difficult to clean than gloss or semi-gloss. Dark colours like black, charcoal or navy blue, will show every speck of grease. Oily fingers whilst cooking or kid’s sticky finger prints will show up instantly and you’ll be forever wiping down those kitchen cupboards.

Tip: Use matt finishing sparingly and in areas further away from cooking oils like the cooktop or oven areas.

Excessive use of feature tiles in bathrooms

We think the TV show, ‘The Block’, has a lot to answer for, when it comes to bathrooms. Excessive budgets with tile suppliers has shown a ridiculous level of feature tiles. Just remember, when there is more than one type of feature tile, it’s stops being a feature!

Bathrooms are key to a good resale price as buyers know bathroom renovations are expensive. Neutral is best when it comes to bathrooms. Think day-spa and hotel elegance when selecting your bathroom tiles.

Tip: If you have to, pick one (1) feature tile only, and keep other tiles and surfaces neutral.

Patterned floor tiles in bathrooms

In a period style home, patterned floor tiles can suit the era of the property, but if you don’t have a period home, re-think using a patterned floor tile. There is such a fine line between classy and sickly when it comes to floor tiles. Trends for black and white geometric floor tiles are very much in, but you may well regret it when you’ve had a few to drink and the bathroom floor is spinning!

Tip: Ask yourself if you’ll still love the patterned floor tiles in 3 or 4 years time. Will they still be on trend? Or, will they continue to suit the style of the home if you make updates elsewhere?

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Metallic bathroom fixtures

Copper is out, brass is in. Or is that, chrome is out, black is in? When it comes to taps and bathroom fixtures, choose wisely. This is an area where design trends are moving quickly and can be costly to follow or remove. Just when you think you are on trend, your copper taps are now out of date.

Tip: Unless your bathroom is in a ‘uber’ stylish home, and you’ve got the money to update it when the next trend comes along, chrome will always be an inoffensive choice.  

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Hexagon shaped tiles

Who decided that making a bathroom look like a bee-hive was a good design trend? Hexagon shaped tiles came and went about three years ago. Even using marble hexagon tile isn’t going to help. Whilst they aren’t offensive, the trend instantly dates your bathroom.

Tip: Don't use hexagon tiles (sorry).

Excessive use of downlights

Surely, more lights equal more light… well yes, but home owners underestimate how powerful and harsh downlights are. Downlights have come a long way over the years, but an excessive use of downlights isn’t enjoyable to live in.

Tip: Consider using more wall lights, up lighting, skylights, and lamps to create a softer atmosphere. Keep downlights for work areas such as the kitchen and garage.

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