Refinance and receive up to $2,000 cashback

When the property market slows and the volume of new purchases starts to dry up, lenders focus their attention on refinances.

Several lenders are now offering cashback promotions up to $2,000 for refinances on both owner-occupied and investment property home loans. And with great interest rates, existing property owners will receive some great benefits should they consider refinancing.

Mint Equity also receives under-the-table promotions from lenders to further benefit our clients. One lender is offering a variable interest rate of 3.99% for investment debt, both principal and interest or interest-only for loan amounts above $750,000. LVR is capped at 90%.

3.99% variable for investment interest-only debit is by far the best in the market. For those who are currently on a fixed interest rate, and are concerned about the break costs, the cashback promotion will help absorb some of those costs, if there are any.

Cashback offer.jpg

As always, Terms and Conditions apply to each of these promotions.

To find out more about any of these great promotions, please contact us ASAP before they disappear.

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