Style over substance – top tips for getting your property ready for sale

Style over substance can win the hearts of many buyers, so how can you use style to achieve a great sale price for your property?

Styling your property through a professional stylist can add thousands of dollars to your property, but you still need to get the basics right. Here are our top pre-sale fixes and improvements;

External house clean

It’s astonishing how much an external house clean can add to the value of a property. Let’s face it, cobwebs and mould scream ‘neglect’. So, get a local house washer round and get them to do the house exterior and pathways. It’s worth spending the extra money to clean the windows too. The amount of extra light that comes through the windows is unbelievable.

Consistent and modern window coverings

Unfortunately, most homes will have a wide selection of window coverings throughout the house that have been acquired over the years. A mixture of roller blinds, romans, curtains, venetians and dare we say it, vertical blinds that have clearly been donated by commercial offices from the 1990’s, can all create a hodgepodge visual.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full refit of all window coverings, pick the rooms that have the most impact, like living rooms and the master bedroom. DIY blind options like are a quick and cheap option that still has options for low and high quality.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and cover a multitude of sins. Whilst we all like to express our personality, when it comes to selling, neutral colours win buyers. Crisp whites and light greys form a base for any style.

We love whites Taubmans Miss Universe and Dulux Lexicon in quarter strength, and Taubmans Thin Ice as a soft grey base. This colour pallet works will in both living areas and bedrooms, as shown below.


Greenery inside and out can provide a lush and fresh environment. Outside, mass planting provide privacy and a lush backdrop to entertaining areas. Tropical plants such as Golden Cane palms are low cost and high impact. Inside, Fiddle Leaf plants are particularly on trend, in both real and artificial format.  There is a natural association with plants that evoke freshness and energy, so incorporating them into your home have the same impact. The good news is you can take them with you and you don’t need to replace them week after week like flowers.

Add professional style

If you’re weighing up getting a professional furniture stylist or doing it yourself, don’t. As much as we all want to channel our inner interior designer, there are some things best left to the experts. Never underestimate the power of a perfectly placed cushion. If you do have some lovely furniture, a professional stylist can either work with what you have to save on cost or provide the full service.

It is becoming the norm for properties to be professionally styled and that means, your property is now competing with others that have the perfect finishing touches. Whilst the upfront expense can seem a lot, in most cases you’ll double your investment in the final sale price.

At the end of the day, when selling, you want to get the highest sale price and reduce your next home loan and repayments. You want to give your property the best chance of someone falling in love with it, so don’t give a buyer any reason to dig deeper by putting its flaws on display.

When you’re ready to buy your next home, give Mint Equity a call and we’ll find the right home loan for your lifestyle.