Our service offering

It’s pretty simple really, there are the basics that you need your mortgage broker to have, then there are the extras that you wish they had. It’s the little extras that will make your experience with Mint Equity easy and efficient.

The fundamentals

  • Over 20 years experience in banking
  • We provide the best options for you and not the best commission rate for us
  • We keep you up to date every step of the way during your application process
  • We are your only contact person and you aren’t flick-passed to the bank’s mobile lender
  • We dig deep to understand your motivation, short, medium and long term needs

How we stand out from the crowd

  • We have experience working in credit and understand how credit thinks (Knowing credit processes will help us structure your loan for the best chance of approval)
  • We think outside the box when structuring complex deals
  • We thank you financially if you refer a colleague, friend or family member for the life of the new relationship. Learn more...
  • You deal with one person for residential, commercial and SMSF lending, not multiple brokers or bankers for each different loan
  • We have personality, energy and are easy to deal with