Referrer benefits

We’re not in for a quick win, we value long term relationships. To register your interest in becoming a referrer, please complete the form below.

Who can be a Mint Equity referrer?

A referrer is a business or individual who refers their friends, family, colleagues, clients and/or business associates to Mint Equity for finance/mortgage services. Often a referrer will receive a financial reward or ‘finders-fee’ for referrals that progress to settlement stage. Business to business referrers must sign the Mint Equity Provision of Referral Services agreement to be eligible. 

Why do I need to register as a referrer?

The advent of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (the Act) has required a number of alterations to the way that we do business with regard to consumer clients.  One of those alterations is to the arrangements we have in place regarding the giving and taking of referral details from our mutual customers.

The Act requires that we have a formal agreement in place to detail our obligations to one another with respect to the conduct of these referral activities. Our agreements are non-exclusive and have not contract term, so you are free to referrer business to other providers.   

Become a referrer

Once you've completed the form below, you'll be sent our referrer guidelines and a referrer account setup form to complete your registration. 

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