Development finance

Regardless of your type of property development, single or multi dwelling residential or commercial properties, there are comprehensive funding options available.  

Mint Equity’s real industry experience in development finance provides property developers with options that enables projects to start sooner and run more efficiently.

Our experience provides property developers with finance options designed to maximise borrowings and work within lender requirements.

Development finance options

Mint Equity takes a consultative approach to sourcing the best finance option for your property development be it residential, commercial or a mix. They include;

  • Gross Realisation Funding (GRV) or Total Development Cost funding (TDC)
  • No pre-sales construction finance
  • Mezzanine finance

Development finance comparisons

Development Finance Comparisons

Finance options for your off-the-plan buyers

Mint Equity aims to make securing pre-approval for off-the-plan purchases a streamlined process. We are able to partner with property developers to provide on-call finance solutions for buyers.

Finance options for off-the-plan buyers

Finance options for off-the-plan buyers

With APRA changes to property investment lending, we provide property developers with an insight into the latest home loan approval processes and are able to flag any potential lending issues that may impact pre-sale commitments.

Our experience in residential, commercial, business and SMSF lending provides property developers with confidence that buyers are able to secure finance regardless of the purpose of the purchase.

Mint Equity’s brand, reputation and experience provides a quality partnership to your development. We provide your potential buyers with informative material that is customised to your development, on-call support for open days and ongoing follow ups from initial enquiry to settlement and beyond.

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