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As an experienced Sydney mortgage broker, we remove the pain points for home and business owners sourcing mortgages and finance. In the Sydney market, buyers need to move quickly and it’s our experience and proactive approach that gives us the edge in sourcing the right finance for our clients.

Mint Equity is a multi-award winning mortgage broker with our directors building established careers in Sydney. Understanding the Sydney property market, competition, lender restrictions and hot spots means we’re able to provide our clients an insight into how best to position their mortgage application for the greatest chance of approval. 

Buying in Sydney

The Sydney median house price has risen to a new record of $1,151,565 over the March 2017 quarter. Getting into the Sydney property market can be tricky but there are still opportunities in the outer suburbs of Sydney. Buyers should avoid suburbs where there is an oversupply of apartments as lenders consider these to be high-risk, particularly by the big 4 banks. High-risk suburbs may require deposits of up to 30% from borrowers, so it’s important to speak with a Sydney mortgage broker before starting your property search.

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Sydney housing market in 2018

The housing market in Sydney is predicted to cool from 2018 onwards, according to the most recent Australian Home Value Index Forecast. The index forecasts Sydney property values to decline 1.4% in 2018 and another 0.9% in 2019. Economist Emily Dabbs at Moody’s Analytics expects Sydney’s property market will likely stagnate through to 2020 as interest rates begin to normalise.

Since the GFC in 2009, Sydney house prices have skyrocketed to more 100% with an increase of 20% in just the past 12 months. 

Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

Top 10 Sydney suburbs with the highest change in median value over 5 years

  1. Homebush 147%
  2. Strathfield South 112%
  3. North Strathfield 103%
  4. South Hurstville 102%
  5. East Ryde 100%
  6. Connells Point 98%
  7. Chester Hill 97%
  8. Villawood 96%
  9. Epping 95%
  10. Rydalmere 94%

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Our Services

Mint Equity assist clients with residential, commercial, business, and SMSF lending. Our role as a mortgage broker is to work with clients to identify the most suitable mortgage and finance options from a portfolio of products from the big-four banks and multiple second-tier lenders.

We simplify the process for our clients, taking care of all the necessary administration tasks, which includes the paperwork, application process, and the final settlement.

Home Loans

Business Loans

SMSF Loans

How can our Sydney Mortgage Brokers help?

In a tight and fast-moving property market, you need to move quick. That’s where the Mint Equity team hit their stride. Finding a mortgage broker who not only knows all the ins-and-outs of home loans, but is responsive and proactive is beneficial as we can fast-track and streamline the application for our clients.

Property valuations are key to application process and determine the LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) and how much LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) is payable. Mortgage brokers who know the Sydney market gives buyers the confidence that if the property valuation comes in lower than expected, our team are ready with local knowledge to help mitigate any issues. 

our mortgage brokers

what does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is the person between the borrower and the lender who negotiates the loan on your behalf with banks, credit unions and other credit providers to arrange various types of loans. Mint Equity keeps up to date with lender’s interest rates, policy changes and credit requirements to provide our clients with options from over 40 lenders and 100’s of different products.

We assess your financial circumstances, find a suitable loan and manage the application process as well as providing advice at every step.

Some mortgage brokers only provide services for home loans, but our background in residential, commercial, business and SMSF loans means you deal with one person not multiple brokers or bankers for each different loan.

Sydney Mortgage Broker, Zac Peteh

Sydney Mortgage Broker, Zac Peteh

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mint Equity charge?

We don’t charge fees for our services as we are remunerated by the lender you choose once the loan reaches settlement.

What is Mint Equity’s credit license number?

Credit Representative Number 460314 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328.

How can I make an appointment?

We can arrange appointments 7 days a week at a time that suits you and at your preferred location. You can call us on 02 4340 4847.

What locations does Mint Equity service?

Our head office is based on the Central Coast, however were able to service all parts of Australia and for clients living overseas.

Does Mint Equity have to meet with me?

If you’re overseas or not living in Sydney or the Central Coast, we are still able to help. The digital age has helped the finance industry a lot and with the use of phone, email, Skype and identification verification points (like banks and Australia Post), we’re able to provide our service to those outside of the Central Coast area.

What lenders does Mint Equity have access to?

We have access to over 40 lenders including the big 4 and 2nd tier lenders which provides us with 100’s of products to suit the needs of our clients.

What if I’ve already spoken to my bank about a new home loan?

If you’re not sure if your current bank is providing you with the best home loan option, give us a call. We can assess their offer and let you know if there is anything better out there from other lenders.

How quickly can I get my home loan pre-approved?

Depending on the lender you choose, in some cases we can get pre-approval within 24 hours. Many lenders have an auto approval system that enables us to turn around home loan pre-approvals very quickly. However, we would always recommend allowing up to 5 business days to ensure you have enough time to provide all the documentation we’ll need to submit your loan.

What if I’ve already exchanged contracts and don’t have finance approved?

Whilst it’s not ideal to exchange contracts before getting finance approved, we know some properties are hard to resist. In those cases we are able to prioritise and escalate your application through the lender. We have great relationships with our lender panel and can assist us to get urgent approval.