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We've built our reputation as a trusted mortgage broker across Sydney and the Central Coast by drawing on over 20 years of banking experience. Location isn’t an issue for us and we’re able to service overseas and interstate clients.

Our role as a mortgage broker in the Central Coast area is to remove the pain points for home and business owners sourcing mortgages and finance. It’s our experience, having worked for the banks, that gives us the edge in sourcing the right finance for our clients.

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Meet the Mint Equity team

Zac Peteh

Director, Finance Broker

Zac’s been in the finance game for over 20 years working at NAB, Suncorp, Citibank and St George. He thrives on the complex deals, quite often the ‘go to’ person for his previous colleagues and business partners.

Zac started his finance career in 1995 and spent almost 10 years with Citibank starting out as a Lending Officer and Credit Analyst. It’s this experience that sets the groundwork for his understanding of the credit process, which is essential to getting your loan approved.

From working in credit, Zac moved into commercial and residential mortgages firming up his knowledge of business finance and commercial property loans.

When the GFC hit, Zac was working in commercial and residential mortgages and saw the impact the GFC had on the Sydney and Central Coast property market.

He joined NAB in 2009 as a Business Banking Manager and continued to build his knowledge in business loans and SMSF loans.  Just before leaving NAB to start his own mortgage broker business, Zac was a mobile banker focusing on residential home loans for owner occupiers and property investors.

To deal with, he’s down to earth and an all round good guy. And he’ll look out for you like you’re family.

On a personal note, Zac loves his cricket (left arm fast bowler), is married to Leigh, co-owner of Mint Equity and his best mate is Sami (the white fluffy dog you see in most of our photos).

Zac grew up in Sydney and Brisbane, but has now made the move to the Central Coast. You’ll often see him down at Ocean Beach or Putty Beach taking Sami for a run. 

If you’d like to contact Zac, phone him on 0402883450 or connect with him on Linkedin.

Leigh Peteh Facebook 550x550.jpg

Leigh Peteh

Director, Marketing & Communications Manager

With a background in business management and client services, Leigh manages the operations, strategy, marketing and communications for Mint Equity. Knowing that finance isn’t front of mind for everyone, she has a passion for taking the complexity out of finance.

Leigh has a strong interest in all things property including development, renovations and investments, so starting Mint Equity with Zac was an easy decision.

Originally a Sydney girl from the Northern Beaches, she’s now based on the Central Coast and loves cooking for her family and friends.

Shane Marini 550x550.jpg

Shane Marini

Finance Broker

With over 6 years’ experience in finance and qualifications as both a mortgage broker and a financial adviser, Shane brings knowledge, big picture thinking and tenacity to Mint Equity’s clients.

Shane shifted his career with a move into mortgage broking in 2014 following a successful career in foreign exchange. Over the last three years, Shane has built strong client relationships, as well as quality business partnerships across Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle regions.  

Shane has a passion for making the lending process efficient and straightforward for clients. His informative approach ensures clients are comfortable with their home loan in the short and long term.

Shane loves his rugby league, spending 15 years of his youth playing the game, ending his football career at the Wyong Roos. Nowadays, he enjoys watching from the sideline and resides on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

If you’d like to contact Shane, phone him on 0487006982 or connect with him on LinkedIn

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is the person between the borrower and the lender who negotiates the loan on your behalf with banks, credit unions and other credit providers to arrange various types of loans. Mint Equity keeps up to date with lender’s interest rates, policy changes and credit requirements to provide our clients with options from over 40 lenders and 100’s of different products.

We assess your financial circumstances, find a suitable loan and manage the application process as well as providing advice at every step.

Some mortgage brokers only provide services for home loans, but our background in residential, commercial, business and SMSF loans means you deal with one person not multiple brokers or bankers for each different loan.

What to consider when choosing a mortgage broker?

Your mortgage broker’s experience is crucial to the success of your loan application.

If their career history is not related to banking or finance then it’s unlikely they are going to know all the nuances of lending.

Mortgage brokers must have a credit license or operate under an aggregator’s credit license. They should also be a member of an industry association like the MFAA.

How can our central coast mortgage brokers help?

Financial stresses have a huge impact on our lifestyle, families and future – so it’s essential that we get it right.

Mint Equity is committed to ensuring that our clients improve their lifestyle through better finance.

Our knowledge and experience means that we provide our clients with responsible lending options that benefit you, not us. 

Benefits of choosing Mint Equity

  • Our services are free of charge, as we’re remunerated by the lender you select.
  • We have over 20 years experience in finance including residential, commercial and SMSF lending, so you only need to deal with one person for each different loan.
  • We have experience working in credit and understand how credit thinks which improves your chances of securing approval.
  • We’re with you every step of the way - from your planning and initial thoughts, through the application process to settlement and beyond.
  • We don’t pressure our clients into taking unnecessary products in order to hit targets. That’s not our style.
  • We have personality, energy and are easy to deal with.

Why use a mortgage broker?

Mint Equity simplifies the experience for our clients taking care of all the necessary administration tasks, which includes the paperwork, application process, and the final settlement.

Our services are personalised for each individual, meaning we get to understand your unique goals and situation. Using our business experience and network, we find the best solution that meets your needs.

And the best part – our services are free of charge! Mint Equity is remunerated by the lender you select, meaning we only recommend the best option for your needs and you always have the final say

Why use a mortgage broker

We’re a full member of the MFAA

MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association Australia) is the peak industry body for mortgage and finance professionals. The MFAA is determined to rid the industry of unscrupulous operators and maintain strict accreditation standards on education, experience and ethics.

Consumers can go to an MFAA member and borrow with confidence.

Being a full member of the MFAA means we adhere to an industry code of practice which sets high professional and ethical standards for members. It demonstrates our integrity, commitment to professionalism, ongoing professional development, and shows we promise to always put our clients first.


Finding a local mortgage broker who not only knows all the ins and outs of home loans, but knows your local area is beneficial as we can help position and mitigate any location based application issues with the home loan lender.

As a mortgage broker, we cover all areas of Sydney and the Central Coast including Lower North Shore suburbs, Upper North Shore suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Central Coast suburbs and many more.

Mint Equity developed our experience as a mortgage broker while our Directors were living on the Northern Beaches. We love supporting our clients across the North Shore, Central Coast and Northern Beaches. 

Finding an experienced and trustworthy mortgage broker is key to the success of your home loan application, so we’ll come to you, wherever you live. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mint Equity charge?

We don’t charge fees for our services as we are remunerated by the lender you choose once the loan reaches settlement.

What does a mortgage broker do?

We are the person between the borrower and the lender who negotiates the loan on your behalf with banks, credit unions and other credit providers to arrange various types of loans. We have the knowledge around specific requirements with various lenders to cater to specific circumstances to provide you with the best chance of getting an approval. We assess your financial circumstances, find a suitable loan and manage the application process as well as providing advice at every step. To learn more about what a mortgage broker does, click here.

Why should I use Mint Equity?

The real value of Mint Equity is that we help educate clients on the options and lending strategies that help them achieve their goals. Our Director, Zac Peteh has over 20 years banking experience. Zac has experience working in credit and understands how credit thinks, which is incredibly important to securing home loan approval. Zac’s experience is spread across residential, commercial and SMSF lending so you don’t have to deal with multiple brokers or bankers for each different loan. Click here to learn more about Zac’s expertise.

Is Mint Equity MFAA accredited?

Yes, Mint Equity is accredited and a full member with the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

What is Mint Equity’s credit license number?

Credit Representative Number 460314 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328.

What services does Mint Equity offer?

    Mint Equity covers the full spectrum of property and business finance.
  • residential home loans
  • commercial loans
  • investment property loans
  • SMSF loans
  • construction and development loans
  • business loans

How can I make an appointment?

We can arrange appointments 7 days a week at a time that suits you and at your preferred location. You can call us on 02 4340 4847.

What locations does Mint Equity service?

Our operations are based in Sydney and the Central Coast, however were able to service all parts of Australia and for clients living overseas.

Does Mint Equity have to meet with me?

If you’re overseas or not living in Sydney or the Central Coast, we are still able to help. The digital age has helped the finance industry a lot and with the use of phone, email, Skype and identification verification points (like banks and Australia Post), we’re able to provide our service to those outside of the Sydney and Central Coast area.

What lenders does Mint Equity have access to?

We have access to over 40 lenders including the big 4 and 2nd tier lenders which provides us with 100’s of products to suit the needs of our clients.

What if I’ve already spoken to my bank about a new home loan?

If you’re not sure if your current bank is providing you with the best home loan option, give us a call. We can assess their offer and let you know if there is anything better out there from other lenders.

How quickly can I get my home loan pre-approved?

Depending on the lender you choose, in some cases we can get pre-approval within 24 hours. Many lenders have an auto approval system that enables us to turn around home loan pre-approvals very quickly. However, we would always recommend allowing up to 5 business days to ensure you have enough time to provide all the documentation we’ll need to submit your loan.

What if I’ve already exchanged contracts and don’t have finance approved?

Whilst it’s not ideal to exchange contracts before getting finance approved, we know some properties are hard to resist. In those cases we are able to prioritise and escalate your application through the lender. We have great relationships with our lender panel and can assist us to get urgent approval.

I’d like to refer business to Mint Equity, do you pay referrer fees?

Yes. We value long term relationships which is why we thank our referrers each time we help the new contact – for the life of the relationship. Mint Equity offers referrer benefits to both individuals and businesses. To learn more about our referrer benefits, click here.

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